i-SHIP Co., Ltd. - Long life with value full of beauty and health <Creating a Good Life>

Long life with value full of beauty and health<Creating a Good Life>
4周年記念インセンティブツアー 台湾 食べたい気持ちをグッと抑える新発想のダイエット飲料「リンダ」 LPS(リポ多糖)配合発酵素材ドリンク グランベニール LPS配合(リポ多糖、リポポリサッカライド) アンサー ザ プレミアムゲルパック
The Magnificent Power of Tradition, Fermentation, and Matsu (Pine)i-SHIP Network Expanding Throughout JapanNew Products
Future created by i-SHIP


We at i-SHIP aim to create long life with value full of beauty and health through the 5 beauty. We have 28 years of experience and a unique fermentation technology, and the development of all our products is conducted by the Aichi Prefecture certified brand company, Toyo Hakko.
We aim not for the best but the best of the best with our overwhelming and cutting-edge product lineup created through our research and development capabilities that are unrivaled, and we will continue to contribute to our customers and society as a leading company in Matsu (Pine) and fermentation.

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